Oh, don't mind me. I'm just someone who loves to draw and power up. It's all in the name of fun.

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I wanna thank those who comforted me during my very difficult time of my mother's sudden passing. This was the most horrible experience of my life....least so far but I don't wanna think about that. For those who knew me personally, my relationship with my mother was estranged and dysfunctional but deep down I loved her. When I was given the news that she passed away, my heart broke into pieces. I never got the chance to say "I love you" or "goodbye". What was even worse was I was sick so I couldn't see her during that period. And now that's she's gone, I've been beating myself up in never getting to see her one more time, even if there was no hint of her health failing.

But I will announce that during that time, I've been comforted by loved ones as we too mourned her. My father, my kin, my siblings, even my friends. They were all with me throughout the entire time. Now that we laid my mother to rest, I think she would have wanted me to carry on. And that's what I'm going to do. I will still miss her so much. I'll never forget some of the good times we had and the life she gave me. I know she loved all her children.

I wanna thank you to those who stuck by me and helped me during this tragic moment in my life. You all helped me keep strong and I'm ready to keep doing the things I loved.

And lastly as I don't wanna ignore this, but I'm not the only one who had lost a parent this month. My beloved @ThunderWolfang had his father gone home to Heaven as well. To anyone who also comforted him in his time of need, I thank you all as well.

And as for my mother and to Emi's father: may you both rest in peace. We love you and we'll miss you so much.


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