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NickyVendetta's News

Posted by NickyVendetta - June 1st, 2023

So I've joined SoFurry after thinking about it for a while. Not much there yet but if you wanna support me, come give me a follow.





Posted by NickyVendetta - May 26th, 2023

Feel free to ignore unless you're either curious or if I owe you a commission and wondered what's taking so long. If the latter, please read.

With Mahou May closing up for me, I'm gonna procrastinate and TRY to finish up the ones that won my silly little polls because I'm challenging myself. 

For June plans, it's obvs gonna be LGBT themed since it's Pride Month. 🏳️‍🌈 Will be doing chibi "Pride Pals" of my OCs and if I need the money, will open for Pride Pal commissions. Speaking of commissions, to those I owe, I never forgot. If you follow my Trello or follow me on Discord, you'll know I'm working as hard as I can. Juggling projects, these, and IRL, plus the fact I may try to apply for a part-time job, it's all been difficult for me. Just please be patient. I apologize for the inconvenience.

And with that, that's all I will end on. Thank you for your time and your patience. If you understand, you're all awesome people. If you love and support my works, please consider donating to help keep me fed.




Posted by NickyVendetta - May 25th, 2023

My Kofi account has been restored.




However to keep safe, I'm gonna have to post only SFW content previews over there. (shrugs)


Posted by NickyVendetta - May 25th, 2023

So it seems my KoFi page as been flagged and is currently in "Unpublished" mode for some reason. :( I'm gonna have to do something about it to see if I can get my page republished again. Something tells me it has to do with the nudity so I guess if that's the case, I'm gonna have to post only SFW stuff there from now on.

Until I can get this crap sorted out, you can donate/support me at my CashApp link. https://cash.app/$NickyVendetta

Posted by NickyVendetta - May 24th, 2023

Buy me a Kofi by supporting my works.




Unlock special features, some before they'll be posted publicly. Repeated donators will receive special rewards. Starting at only $3.


Posted by NickyVendetta - May 15th, 2023

If you haven't followed me yet on FA, come join me there as I post NSFW works there https://www.furaffinity.net/user/nickyvendetta/

>>(Must be 18 or older, if you're underaged, please avoid me now)<<

I'll be hosting a raffle there soon once I hit 1,000 watchers. If successful, I may launch a raffle here on NG once I hit 500 watchers.


Posted by NickyVendetta - May 12th, 2023

First off I'll go ahead and say thank you to everyone who has helped me in this horrible pinch this week. I almost lost hope but a bunch of angels came for me and helped me. I managed to pay off my transmission bill today in time. Now I won't worry about not being able to drive since I need my car. Again, thank you to all who donated, commissioned, bought adopts from me, or signal boosted. You all have saved my bacon. 

As for those who commissioned me, I have your orders up in my Trello and will get to them whenever i can. https://trello.com/b/0yQMCCJx/to-do-list

And I'll still make and sell adopts this month since I still need to earn bread to eat. You can check it all out for any new or old at my 2nd account or at my TH gallery.



If you want to continue to support me one little piece at a time, consider donating at my KoFi and unlock upcoming new works before I post them at other sites. 


Or you can donate at my CashApp. https://cash.app/$NickyVendetta

Again, thank you to all who helped me reach my goal in time, all of you are amazing people and I couldn't ask for more wonderful friends and supporters.



Posted by NickyVendetta - May 9th, 2023

Emergency Commissions are open. I'm gonna have to take in a few slots in order to pay a hefty transmission bill this Friday. So please if you're interested, note me. Will do SFW or NSFW. Paypal or CashApp only.

DM me in Notes or Discord. PLEASE give visual references.



- Humans

- Anthros/Furries

- Merfolk

- Hetero Pairings

- Yaoi or Yuri

- Human x Anthro

- Anime/Cartoons/Video Games/Comic Books/etc. fanart

- Any other mythical creatures (depends)

- Any of my OCs (it depends, I may accept but ask first)


- CanonOC pairings

- Loli/Shota/Cub porn (dude, that's illegal. Seek help)

- Incest (seek help on that too)

- Bestiality (non-anthro furries with humans)

- Gore

- Vore

- Rape

- Any of my OCs (it depends, I may offer but ask first)

- Mechas or Robots

- Hyper body parts

- Pregnancy

- Scat or Watersports

- Futanari


Posted by NickyVendetta - May 7th, 2023

Hey everyone, I'm sorry to say but this time it's towards me. I'm in a bit of a pinch and since job opportunities in this town I live in want to shoot me down while I apply, I'm gonna need help. I may need to open YCHs again and I'm selling more adopts. I really hate to sound like I'm begging but I'm willing to work hard to stay afloat. The only thing I’m most concerned about is this $1200 car repair bill for transmission by Friday the 12th. Besides that I can manage on my own on other of my necessity of living.

I'm offering YCHs here (NSFW Warning) DM me if interested. https://sta.sh/2hqem8wtz3u


If you have my Discord, hit me up there for easier communication. (or DM me if you need my Discord)

Or you can donate to either my Kofi or CashApp:



I also sell adoptables if interested.



If you can't help out financially then please consider signal boosting. Reminder I have until this Friday the 12th to reach my goal. Take any action that you can.


Posted by NickyVendetta - May 5th, 2023

I now have Supporters Only available at my Ko-Fi. Join up and be the first to unlock new art from me before I post them elsewhere for the public. Repeated supporters will win rewards. Hop on over and buy me a Kofi. https://ko-fi.com/A487LL5