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NickyVendetta's News

Posted by NickyVendetta - March 25th, 2022

Leftover adoptables still for sale at my TH. If interested, DM me.



Posted by NickyVendetta - March 5th, 2022


Thank you all so much. Please have patience with your requests. Do NOT rush me.

To check up on any progress on my works, please visit my Trello. https://trello.com/b/0yQMCCJx/to-do-list

Posted by NickyVendetta - March 3rd, 2022

We did it, everyone! The goal has been reached!!! https://fundrazr.com/71w1Vf?ref=ab_4AwlS0_ab_510vzhPTXrn510vzhPTXrn It was a long, tough, grueling battle to make it but thanks to all of those who contributed, you have very well have saved a life! TT3TT Now our good friend can have her surgery and get that cyst removed ASAP. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I'm crying as I'm typing as. You all have helped saved my best friend. The battle may not be over yet but we'll keep you all updated. For now, I can rest easy my beloved friend can remove that growth.

And to be certain in case of fees, there's still a couple commission slots open. If you're interested and have a little dough on ya, check out here and note me. :D

Price Sheet >> https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46172676/?upload-successful


SFW only. NSFW are closed. But I can still do nude pin-ups.

I'm also selling adoptables at my TH. If interested please note me. https://toyhou.se/NickyVendetta/characters/folder:1751221

And if you wanna check on my commission progress, you can check them out at my Trello. https://trello.com/b/0yQMCCJx/to-do-list

Again, thank you all from me to my crew in helping us out in such dark times. :love:

Posted by NickyVendetta - February 28th, 2022

For our friend GothicKhaldia’s life saving surgery we have good news and bad news. The good news is the price has been reduced to $4,283. The bad news is the final deadline is March 21 and it’s final. We only reached 30% of the goal and we can’t go lower or get more time. We only need to at least reach $2,813. ;3;

So please if you can, donate to our fundraiser and reach the goal in time https://fundrazr.com/71w1Vf?ref=ab_4AwlS0_ab_fAwhC1 or if you can’t donate, please consider spreading this around to your friend and watchers. Please help us save our friend. 🙏

I will update on any commission news in case I may re-open some slots.

Posted by NickyVendetta - February 19th, 2022

Hey everyone. A reminder our fundraiser to help our friend's surgery is still on. We haven't reached our goal yet but we're not giving up. Help us reach 6K so we can help our good friend with her life-saving surgery. Please.... :please:


If you can't donate, then please consider signal boosting and spreading the word in linking to the fundraising link to your friends, watchers, family, teachers, etc. Any action done is better than none. Please help.

Posted by NickyVendetta - February 14th, 2022

Remember either you’re single or not, you’re never alone. There’s always friends and family who loves you. And I love you too. ❤️❤️❤️


Posted by NickyVendetta - February 11th, 2022

My BFF Bros are both open for commissions. They're two of the most promising and talented artists I know. Please consider commissioning them and giving their works love. But please be civil with them. They mean so much to me.







Posted by NickyVendetta - February 4th, 2022

Hey everyone my BFF @Redouken is open for commissions. He’s a very wonderful artist, go and check him out please. https://redouken.newgrounds.com/news/post/1246962

Posted by NickyVendetta - January 14th, 2022

All ten commissions slots have been filled. Thank you to all who have gotten them. I shall be working on them as much as I can in the coming weeks/months.

 1. Cr8zies (PAID)

2. @WetFox(PAID)

3. GoldLinaric (PAID)

4. CP444 (PAID)

5. BountyHunterOfLewd (PAID)

6. RyzoAono (PAID)

7. JudgeWolf360 (PAID)

8. Rander-MT (PAID)

9. Super-Spartan (PAID)

10. Captainface (PAID)

To check in more on the progress, check my Trello to see how they go. https://trello.com/b/0yQMCCJx/to-do-list

But please have patience as I'm dealing with stress and troubling difficulties on and offline. However I will have the commissions finished ASAIC. 

Thank you and please if you wish to help me and my friends reach our goal of $6,000 for a friend's life-saving surgery, please donated to our fundraiser. 




Or if you cannot help financially, please consider spreading the fundraiser link in a journal/status and tell your friends to help out too. Thank you all again very much for your patience and cooperation.


Posted by NickyVendetta - January 7th, 2022

The fundraiser to raise $6,000 for my best friend's surgery has been launched.




We need to reach our goal ASAP. We have until 02/05/2022 so any amount of donations is appreciated. Please, if you want to help you can donate as much as you can. Or if you can't financially support, you can still help in spreading this around to your friends or watchers.

I'm still open for commissions, grab a slot while you can for a good cause. https://nickyvendetta.newgrounds.com/news/post/1240032

Or you may buy an adoptable for a reasonable price.

https://toyhou.se/NickyVendetta/characters/folder:1751221 New ones are made or offered up for sell nearly every day.

Commission Listings so I'll keep track: https://trello.com/b/0yQMCCJx/to-do-list

Let's help save my good friend. Thank you all for helping us save a life.