Oh, don't mind me. I'm just someone who loves to draw and power up. It's all in the name of fun.

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I get it, I honestly get it. I'm not fond of the changes as well because I find them much more useless than what we have now. (don't get me started on Journals and Status Updates under one post section) I'm lucky to be able to upload to different sites but I don't know if I can ever leave dA sadly. It's where most of my audience lies, where most of the people that look at me are.

I'm still going to post everywhere else because I don't really trust the future of deviantArt, but it's so damn hard to leave it. I'm just glad that I was able to follow you on here before the "Eclipse."

Also, I do remember ArtRise but could never get a code for it so gotta wait for that opportunity. XD;

It's best they follow you too as I'm sure 90% of your audience would jump ship before it sinks. Also ArtRise is still being worked on and its said to be free to join.

Good point, I'll probably make a journal entry for people who will be moving off the platform. I still want to have faith in dA but I just don't feel it.

Ok, but I still need an invite code to register an account on the site. I'm gonna keep digging but that's gonna be hard to find I feel like.

I haven't joined yet but is it really like ToyHouse where you need an invite code? I thought it was Free to Join.

I looked on their site and yeah, seems like it. I went on their Discord server and they said that they're not giving out Invite Codes just yet, probably more testing.

I don't blame them, the Invite codes are a good way to keep track of server maintenance.


I'm fine with waiting. I'd rather have a working site than a broken one at launch.

Good point.

All are welcome here. Just don't eat any food anyone here offers to you.