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Update on the Jobless Thing

Posted by NickyVendetta - September 2nd, 2021

Hey everyone, I've calmed down after taking a nap....after crying so much all day. This whole year's been so horrible for me, from losing loved ones, to friends betraying me. And now I've lost my job of seven years after coming back on the first day since I was sick with COVID and been in quarantine.

Lemme address everyone that no, I wasn't fired because of having been sick or quarantine. I was terminated because of incompetent employers who were losing fundings. So my career was hanging by a thread no matter what I do. I can't reveal everything about it, but this company I work for was in partnership with my father, as means for his own business. But once he found out and confronted one of them for my unjustly termination, he was livid. So he cut ties with them and decided to look to new ventures to keep his farm going.

As for me, he's offered to let me still work with supporting some of my billings while paying me out of pocket until he gets new people. That's all I can tell you. All of it truly is hard for me to explain clearly but it's better that way because I don't wanna reveal everything in favor of my father looking out for me.

I'm kinda relieved we're done with those people because they've been treating me unfairly for years and I was unable to say anything about it just to keep my job and my dad's own little farm business going. I don't want him to lose everything we've worked so hard on, especially the animals I've come to love.

I wanna thank those in helping me out and supporting me while I try to get back on my feet. Where I live, especially during these pandemic times, it's very hard to find work if you're not very well off. All I can do to make bread is the little things.

For right now, I'm still emotionally wrecked over this. I felt I've lost my longtime way of providing for myself after a good long streak. I'm more scared I'll lose my dog and have to move back in with my folks, I really don't want that. For right now, my dad's doing all he can to help me out while he figures out what to do with everything to keep the farm.

Again, thank you to those helping me with donations and spreading the word. Once I feel better, I WILL open commissions to keep afloat. Just be on the lookout when I post when the time comes. I wanna repay everyone for their generosity.

Until then, I love you all.



Wow, you have been through a lot, I hope you can recover emotionally, in this situation it is difficult to have something else because of the virus.
But I know that you can do it and overcome any circumstance.
I wish you good luck with your new search and that you have many clients for commissions

Thank you. I hope so too. :'(

I hope things will get better soon.