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November News

Posted by NickyVendetta - November 1st, 2022

So first off, I wanna say Happy (late) Halloween to everyone. Hope you had fun. It was great for me this year, the few of merciful events since this year was a nightmare. But now that it's over and November is here, I'm gonna prepare some things before the holidays hit. So here's some updates and get comfortable because there's alot I'm gonna share.

First off, I am happy to say we reach our $3,500 goal for our fundraiser for our dear friend's ovarian cancer surgery. You can read all about it here and/or donate to help keep her afloat in case of fees or anything else needed. https://app.cocopay.co/b25iJ2?ref=ab_6BqEt2_ab_4HicUGDODwA4HicUGDODwA

But still, we made it. Thank you to those who have donated or signal boosted. Your actions have helped saved a life. I can't say for sure we're out of the woods yet, but you have helped saved my dear friend's life.

And in other news, I wanna apologize to those who are still waiting on commissions from me. I had alot to myself all October and I had fun. But now I need to get back to work and get started on what I owe. To those I owe, you can check progress on any work I list at my Trello here: https://trello.com/b/0yQMCCJx/to-do-list

3rd, I've joined RetroSpring, which is a Q&A thing like CuriousCat, only you don't need an account from FB or Twitter to ask me anything. Just please keep it civil and not too personal. https://retrospring.net/@NickyVendetta

I'm also still selling adoptables and/or Old OCs I have no need for anymore, only at my TH. https://toyhou.se/NickyVendetta/characters/folder:1751221 If you're interested in any of them, DM me. If you don't have a TH account, that's alright. You can still buy them and I'll mark them as yours. I make new batches weekly.

And lastly, if you really enjoy what I do and wanna support me, please consider tipping at my Ko-Fi to help keep me going. https://ko-fi.com/A487LL5 Donations even as small as a few bucks are a huge help.

One more thing, I promise....if you enjoy my works but wanna see more, please consider following me at my other links where I'm also active. I really appreciate the support wherever I'm at. https://linktr.ee/NickyVendetta

And that's it for real. Hope this month will be as merciful and we'll have something to be very grateful for this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you everyone for everything and I hope you'll have a wonderful time.



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