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NickyVendetta's News

Posted by NickyVendetta - May 31st, 2020

June is Pride Month. Time to make everything gay.




Posted by NickyVendetta - April 22nd, 2020

May 20th will be the day Eclipse permanently rolls in on dA and the old format everyone's been used to will be retired. As alot of feedback gives, it sucks ass. If I can't deal with the changes, I may have to retire from that site for good.

I'll be posting here alot from now on but I also post SFW/non-furry works here too. I could use the support as over 13 years of work will be migrated over here, FurAffinity, and some other sites like the upcoming and promising ArtRise.


Posted by NickyVendetta - January 2nd, 2020

It's 2020, time for a new era. I plan to post my best works here, both new and old. I've missed out in posting here since I joined in 2013, I was new and learning in the NSFW community at the time. But I've improved since then and hope to keep on improving this decade. And in order to do that, I want to post my older works here too, at least the ones I'm still proud of from FurAffinity. I might even remake some but don't hold me to that. Let's make this decade on Newgrounds even more wild! Newgrounds got more awesome since the tumblr purge and I knew from the start that site was dead on arrival. XP


Posted by NickyVendetta - December 29th, 2019

It's not only nearing the end of the year but also the end of the decade. And lemme tell you it's been a roller coaster of so many events, both for me personality and eventful.

I won't make this long because I don't have the words to list everything that's happened this decade, mostly because I don't want to go over some of the bad and painful memories I've had. I will say I am grateful for all the good that's happened to me: new friends who stuck by me for years and my own independence.

I'd say maybe the 2020's would give me a break but I doubt it. I'm getting too old. But I hope I make it through to see it all. Maybe this new decade I'll be with the one I love, who's been my ray of hope throughout the 2010's when I've been battling depression. Maybe I'll dive into new art territory like using a tablet and other art programs. Maybe my artwork won't look so juvenile anymore and maybe I'll be a pro some day. But my biggest "maybe" I'm hoping comes true is moving to a new house, a new place, or traveling alot to see the world. Not the ENTIRE world just some places I'd love to go.

Well that's all I can say. Happy New Year, and Happy New Decade. See you in 2020.


Posted by NickyVendetta - July 18th, 2019



Posted by NickyVendetta - March 8th, 2019

  • If you enjoy my works and wanna help keep me going, I'll need some coffee to fuel me. Even just one will do.
  • iu_12047_4839133.png


Posted by NickyVendetta - January 28th, 2019

Hello, welcome to my Newgrounds page. Where I'll have some of my best SFW and NSFW works here. Remember I'm not a professional artist. I just love to draw. My style is a mix of cartoony and anime-ish. I'm not perfect but I'm still improving. Treat me like a good neighbor and we'll get along great. Don't be afraid to ask me any questions.

Except with requests & RPs. I obivously don't do them.


Posted by NickyVendetta - November 21st, 2018

Just here to expand my works in case people are too lazy to join FurAffinity and to support my buddies who moved over here from dumblr. I hope to have fun here as I do wherever else I'm stationed. Don't be afraid to ask me any questions.

Except for requests and RPs. I obviously don't do those.


Ratings if you new here and/or just visiting my gallery:

E - For all Ages

T - For Teens, at least if it has PG-13 material

M - Mature, for Adults only! Nudity!

A - ALSO For Adults Only! Cause it's P0RN!!!